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Unlikely Return

Three men shipwrecked on an island. Three women back home with broken hearts. A harrowing, heartfelt journey about the struggle to survive and the quest for redemption.

Ben, Stuart, and Paul are passengers on a three-day fishing trip. After their boat is sunk by a rogue wave, they wind up on a deserted island, where they struggle to stay alive while hoping for rescue. They later discover a common history—past relationships they wrecked—and the fight for survival forces them to re-examine their lives. Meanwhile, Michelle, Jillian, and Sarah wonder about the unlikely return of their exes. Will their lives move forward with—or without—them, and if so, how?

Latest Journal

  • Good vs. Evil: Illuminating the Good

    Two people found fatally shot… The unfriendliest states in America, ranked… Man live-streams vicious beating of girlfriend

    I went online today and immediately got hit with these three headlines. If you’re as tired as I am of the ongoing, 24/7, bad news, then you, like me, desperately need to see the good in people. Guess what? It’s all around us! Correction, THEY are all around us.

    WE are all around.

    Good people abound. I’m lucky enough in my coaching practice to see them and talk with them daily. But if you only read the headlines and you don’t look further, you might believe that evil, psychopathic people are the majority.

    Bad people get in the headlines. They get around a lot, doing bad stuff, and we pay attention to them. We notice them because we are hard-wired to notice danger and give it our full attention. I won’t use this space to rant about the massive manipulation of all of us by media because they have figured out that bad news gets hits, and that means revenue.

    I write stories that feature—yes—one or two bad people. But also an abundance of good people, flawed though they may be, who are trying their best to do the right thing. Because I believe that good people are the vast majority of us, and that deserves illumination through fiction and otherwise.