June 9, 2020

If You’re Alive, You Have Stories to Tell

Writing a novel is no more or less than putting on paper—let’s make that electronic format instead of paper—strings of stories. There’s the overarching story of the beginning, middle, and end of the entire book. Inside of that, there are multiple small stories that contribute to the big one.

I love stories. I love hearing other people’s stories. Sometimes, when it’s not too painful, I enjoy telling mine. Often it is painful because life is that way. The more we’re willing to live life in the open, connected to others whom we love, taking emotional risks, the more we will experience the pain of loss. And the joys of love and long-term friendships.

When I’m writing, the stories from my life and others’ lives bubble up. They show up as strings, as snippets of stories, not as fully formed novels. Then, I get the fun of weaving it all together into a story arc and with characters that I hope are compelling.

Each and every one of us has stories to tell. What is your story? What story would you tell to describe one of your best life moments? What story would you tell to share one of your worst, most tragic life moments?

I’m listening. Go to “contact” and tell me your story. Maybe it will be woven into one of my novels, with your permission, confidentially. No revealing items.

Maybe you’ll be inspired by your own stories to write a novel, or a memoir. I hope so! Tell me if that happens so I can celebrate with you.

Back to telling stories.