June 21, 2022

Don’t diagnose me on Google

It’s so easy to type in a phrase for a personality disorder (PD), such as narcissistic personality disorder [one of the more popular ones] and hit ‘enter.’ Then sit back and read whatever pops up at the top of the search engine. After 5 minutes of scanning online, look around for likely candidates for the diagnosis. Mom: nope. Dad: nope. BFF: absolutely not! Boss: probably. New boyfriend: hmmm. Here’s the rub: there is far more that determines a PD diagnosis than the bullet points you find online. Same goes for other psychological maladies. Best leave it to the professionals. Meanwhile, here are a handful of fun facts to know and tell about personality disorders:

– They are not psychiatric illnesses

– They are genetic in origin, having nothing to do with childhood or any other trauma

– They are pervasive and enduring and can’t be ‘cured’ by traditional psychotherapy

– 15% to 19% of the general population has a personality disorder

– If you live with someone with a personality disorder, your life will be significantly disrupted

Wow, that’s a bit heavy, right? That’s only the tip of the iceberg on PD. Rather than try to figure out who in your life has a PD, I’d suggest you read a good book. About Roxanne is my latest. Snag your copy here.