October 18, 2020

Dating, Pandemic Style

Writing my new novella, Unlikely Beginning, was super fun and definitely inspired by – let’s face it – the unlikely event of a global pandemic! No one saw it coming, except for Bill Gates, who warned us five years ago. In March, the only thing on my mind was publishing my first novel.

In July, I thought about dating. In a pandemic. Two characters popped into my mind – Mason and Jasmine. Right away, I saw Mason as a sardonic guy with a good heart – a heart for people and for animals. And pizza. I immediately saw Jasmine as super smart and trying to recover from a broken heart.

Then, I saw the two of them meeting on Zoom. With no way to meet in person, for reasons that went beyond the pandemic. But an instant connection.

It felt juicy enough for a short book, so I dove in.

I was sorry to see them go at the end, but maybe they’ll show back up in a longer book. This time, without the face masks.

I hope you enjoy it!

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