December 19, 2020

Who Is Watching You?

What if you carefully curated what you thought was the perfect life? And then discovered that someone was watching you all along, someone envious, someone with twisted, evil intentions?

With a chill traveling down my spine, I began writing Free Fall with this question in mind, realizing it’s the thing no one thinks about until it happens. Aren’t most of us pretty much oblivious to our surroundings? Who pauses in daily life to wonder, is someone watching me?

I believe most people have good intentions. Most people are busy with work, family life, and friends. They have good hearts, mean well, and make mistakes with other people out of carelessness and no more.

But I watch enough crime reporting to know that there are those who operate differently, who intentionally set out to harm others.

Some of those people, uh characters, are going to appear soon in my books, starting with Free Fall. If you like suspense, with a few shivers, a couple of bad actors, and good people who overcome evil, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, you might want to pay attention. You never know who is watching you…

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