March 21, 2021

Love and Fear

An interviewer asked, “why do you put romance in your thrillers?” to which I said instantly, what’s a good thriller without a touch of romance? Let’s face it, life can be difficult and even scary at times. What keeps us grounded is relationships: family, friends, and yes, a little romance.

The other night, I had a scary dream, and according to my husband, I was making these little noises, not exactly screams, but definitely sounds of distress. He gently shook me so I could escape dreamland and re-enter the safety of our bedroom. What a great feeling, right? It was only a dream. My husband is here. Ahhhh, yes.

My characters need a little grounding, too. Unfortunately, their experience is not a dream. They’re going through truly tough stuff, difficult passages, and frightening moments. I believe as a writer, let them have love to balance the pain and fear.

In Free Fall, Hannah Lee Winn’s life begins to unravel, revealing terrible mistakes and misplaced trust. She isn’t sure if her loving, new husband is truly a source of grounding and safety, or if he is a threat to her very life. What could be more unbalancing than that?

You’ll have to read it to discover if she finds love as she fights for her life on a thrill ride she never anticipated, and if so, with whom. Enjoy! And make sure you have a hand to hold if you get a little nervous. Or a fur baby to pet. Or a friend to FaceTime.